I love shopping at Game. In fact, I don't even need to shop. I love just going to Game. Just being there. When I'm there it feels like a grown man's Disneyland. And you rarely have to stand in queues. I walk through the aisles marveling at all the stuff they have and how cheap it often is. Objects seem to obtain golden glows as they catch my eye. Like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. "Come to me..." they whisper seductively. Even the 16 page supplement that comes in the local newspaper every Thursday is a highlight of my week. I look forward to getting home so I can see what Game is offering me at what price. 
   But now Walmart has bought it. If it were simply about the shopping experience, I would be even happier. I've been to a Walmart or three, and it is like Game multiplied by four or five. More stuff, more cheap, glowing more golden. But, alas, it is not simply about the shopping experience. It is also about ethics and decency and humanity, and knowing the line between those things and the bottom line on the income statement.
   I'm not talking about the issues our trade unions are worried about. I'm talking about Walmart's well-earned reputation for evil. Google it: "Walmart evil". Taking life insurance policies on your own employees and benefitting from their deaths? Call me crazy, but that kind of thing seems to me to indicate a slight deviation from the norms of playing nice.
   So, alas, I won't be spending a lot of time at Game anymore. We must do what we must do for the good of us all. It is a loss. But I guess I will live. Which is just as well. Even if I don't work for Walmart.