What is WAB, you ask?

WAB is an acronym.

What is an acronym, you ask?

An acronym, according to my big, beloved Penguin dictionary, which my beloved sisters gave me for my birthday one year, at my request, which is only something a writer geek would do, is: "a word formed from the initial letters of other words". You know, like AIDS. Or MILF. Or NARFY (although I've always wondered about the spelling of that one, because it's not strictly accurate. I mean where does the "R" come from? And where's the A from "fuck All"? Come to think of it, shouldn't there strictly speaking be a T in MILF? It should be MILTF. Which doesn't roll as nicely off the tongue. But if you're an acronym purist, that's what it should be. I'm not sure if ANC is a real acronym, because it's not really a word, even though it's formed from the initial letters of other words. The ANC is a lot of things these days, but acronym is probably not one of them. I don't think DNA (National Dyslexic Association) is an acronym either, for the same reason.

But back to WAB, which is Work Avoidance Behaviour, which is what I am engaging in right now. It is 10:30 in the morning. I got into the office just after 9. I have a job I have to get out by tomorrow. But so far I have checked emails, deleted emails (which is something I like to do from time to time, so that I only have 499 mails in my inbox, instead of 506), made coffee, read the news, and read several other blogs. I also, before writing this, checked my site traffic and saw that 4 people visited my site yesterday, although I think 3 of them were me.

WAB isn't all bad, though. I read some funny things while engaging in my WAB this morning. Right now, you too can have several very good (and short) reads at this blog: http://middlegoat.blogspot.com/

Then, after I read that, I got an email which had a link, which I will give you soon. But first I want to talk about advertising. Which, even though it supports me and my family, I often dislike. But sometimes do quite like it. I like it most when it unwittingly gives the world something it did not intend to. For example, I do not think Diesel thought they would be giving people like me such a happy feeling inside when they produced their ad. Or at least, not in the way they thought they would.

Now here is the link for you to enjoy: http://www.illegaladvertising.com/post/5387171174/fuck-everything-about-them 

have Jono to thank for it. Thank you Jono. I promise you'll still get your copy tomorrow. I'm going to get to it now. Ish.