...but then who's to say that Danica Camacho wasn't also late? Or early? The chances she was right on time are, well, I don't know what they were mathematically, but it's unlikely she was.
   Danica was born in the Phillipines on October 31st last year, and apparently she was the 7 billionth person on earth. Which, you have to admit, is kind of arbitrary. There are a few hundred babies born every minute on our planet. There are also quite a few people who die every minute. And there are people who live in the Amazon and the Gobi and Outer Mongolia and Outer Outer Greenland who have never been, and will never be, counted by any census. To say Danica was the one is absurd, obviously.

   It's true that the electronic media gives a more realistic version. A quick google search reveals that India have also claimed number 7 billion. As has China. It also reveals that some people think number 7 billion (I would write it out in numbers, but I don't know how many noughts there are) may only be born in April this year. Or may have been born before 31 October 2011. And some even claim that identifying a 7 billionth person was just symbolic. (What? Outrageous!) But I remember watching the news on October 31st, and it was presented as fact. Danica was the one. Which makes the latent conspiracy theorist in me want to come out of the closet. I don't have a good conspiracy theory on it yet, but there must be one. Rupert Murdoch and his allies running the world through propaganda. Or the illuminati. Or something.
   Personally, I feel a bit for Danica. World famous at age 1 minute. Imagine the pressure. The world population is growing, but the only way for Danica to go is down.