It's good news. But, probably, not good enough news.

The offer is essentially a self-publishing offer. Or what publishers might like to call a "co-publishing" offer. They offer to publish your book, but you have to make a "contribution". What you get in exchange is much better distribution and marketing than you could do alone, plus you get a higher percentage of royalties.

It's not quite what one dreams of. The fantasy is that publishers fight over your work because it is so devastatingly good and the world cannot do without it and they all fall at your knees and beg and plead and offer to shine your shoes and kiss your feet while they're down there. The reality is that some illustrious writers have gone this route. I can't think of names right now, but I've seen them, and they're illustrious.

Actually, I looked briefly into printing costs and it came to about R30 000 for a thousand copies, I think. But then I'd have to put those copies in my boot and drive around the country trying to flog them. Which I wouldn't have to do with this UK publisher. Except the contribution is £5700. At current rates that's almost 65000 ZAR. 


They also said what a good idea it would be for me to come over to the UK to do book visits and readings. I got all excited. Plane tickets and other costs for 2 weeks... R10 000? R15 000? R20 000? How long would a good length of time be to come for, I asked, thinking they'd say 2 weeks. Oh, say, 6 to 8 weeks? they said. So on top of all those other costs I would have to add lost income for 2 months.


I'm thinking maybe I should hang in there to see if someone else makes an offer that won't actually cost me money, even if it doesn't make me any?

Thanks, though.