Last week I saw two shocking sights in exercising.

The first was my own man boobs while I was skipping.

I don’t mean the dainty, what-a-beautiful-field-of-daisies kind of skipping. I mean the working-muscles-you-never-knew-you-had-in-front-of-a-mirror kind. It was an ambivalent experience. I haven’t really skipped much before. I also haven’t really noticed my moobs much before.

They’re not terrible. I mean I don’t need a bro (boy bra) or anything. Not yet. But I don’t want to get to the point that I do. If you haven’t noticed, moobs have had a lot of bad press. They’re not exactly desirable. So I started a strict regime. I dropped a lot of foods I like and started doing a lot of exercises I don’t. (I didn’t skip again. Because I actually bought the skipping rope for my daughters. And because I thought I’d wait until I can see the positive results of my new regime.)

But then a few days later I saw a second something horrible in exercising: a lady gobbing while she was running.

Ladies gobbing – or lobbing, as I’ve begun to call it – is somewhat of a surprise when you see it. You just don’t expect it. And although I consider myself to be quite a liberal man, my first reaction was distaste. It’s not particularly lovely when men gob, but it’s even less so when women do.

But then I had a rethink, and realised what an opportunity this presented. If the world can get hung up about lobs the way it has about moobs, the pressure will be off us men. Both will be equally unacceptable. Or, better yet, equally acceptable.

So send me your lobbing pics. We’ll put them all over the internet. We’ll go big. It’ll go viral. And I’ll go skipping again.