Dallas is back. 

Strues bob.

I am so excited.

I probably won't get to see it, because I don't have DSTV. But I am still excited. Check this out, and you may be excited, too:


What's more, they even have three of the original cast members: Patrick Duffy (Bobby) - now in his early 60s; Larry Hagman (JR) - now in his late 70s; and Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) - I don't know how old she is but check out the trailer. I don't think she's aged one bit since the last show 20 odd years ago. Okay, she looks older than she does in the pic above. But it's mainly her hairstyle that's changed. Those American gals really are amazing. They just don't seem to age. I wonder how they do it?

I do think it's a bit sad for the three of them. Do they need the work? It's a bit like Michael Schumacher. He really didn't need to come back, and now that he has, look what he's done. He's gone and ruined his own legend. 

Having said that, I'm more sad that more of the originals aren't coming back. No Charlene Tilton (Lucy). And especially sad, No Victoria
 Principal (Pamela). She was a fox of note. Even back then, before I knew what a fox was, she was one. I last saw her do a cameo in an episode of The Practice, and she was still a fox. (By then I knew what a fox was.) I always had a soft spot for her. And her husband (on screen, that is), Bobby. What can I say, I had a soft spot for softies. And Bobby was a softy. He even spoke softly. Whispered, really.

It was the same with Betty and Veronica. I liked Betty. She was a softy.

I wonder what Betty and Veronica would look like now, 25 years later. Obviously they'd look the same, because they're cartoons, and cartoons don't age. But if they did, I wonder what they'd look like. Probably still the same. Because they're American. And you know those American ladies. They just don't age.