This is not a post about dogs. It's not about what it was going to be about, either, which was another acronym. An acronym about acronyms. Specifically, Acronyms I Hate Or Love: AIHOLs. 

Okay, I know, it's a cheap shot. It's like putting a girl on the cover of a guys' magazine. Serious editors hate doing it, but the the truth is, it sells magazines. I know, because I know a guy who used to edit a guys' magazine, and he told me that the one month they put a guy on their cover, their sales dropped.

Anyway, in trying to find a pic for this post, the post itself changed form being about acronyms to arseholes. Because when you do a google image search for "asshole" or "arsehole", you don't get arseholes. Not anatomical ones. You get lots of the cheeks, but none of the holes. You also get pics of people who other people think are arseholes. Same with "ass". (No pics of donkeys by the way. Or "btw", as they say in Acronymia. And, btw, "btw" is an acronym I neither hate nor love.) 

I tried "bum" and i got tons of pics of some Asian guy called "Kim Bum". He didn't seem to mind, though. He was smiling in every pic. 

I eventually found these dogs on page 8 of my search for "browneye", in between hundreds of pics of exactly what you would expect to find. Brown eyes.

I'll leave you with a bonus treasure I found in my searches, courtesy of